The Andrea Doria And The Collisions Of The Andrea Doria

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The night of July 25, 1956 the Stockholm, a Swedish passenger liner, collided into the Andrea Doria, Italian luxury liner, south of Nantucket. The collision claimed 46 lives onboard the Andrea Doria and five lives onboard the Stockholm. This was the world’s first RADAR assisted collision at sea (Halpern, 2008). However, the collision was not caused by a RADAR malfunction. The collision was a result from the incompetence of the crew with the RADAR and the overall misconduct of the crew. The fog was very dense around the Andrea Doria as it traveled west at 267 degrees true with a speed of 21.8 knots (Halpern, 2008). The master of the Andrea Doria, Captain Piero Calamai, made all preparations necessary for navigation in fog (Halpern, 2008). This included additional lookouts on the bow and in the bridge, watertight doors closed, extra men on standby in the engine room, and a fog whistle sounding. Once the Nantucket lightship was detected on the RADAR dead ahead, Capt. Calamai ordered course change to 261 degrees to pass about a mile and half south of the light ship (Halpern, 2008). The Stockholm was running at 18.5 knots eastbound toward the Nantucket Shoals lightship at 090 degrees true, in a visibility of about 5 miles (Halpern, 2008). The Stockholm planned to go north towards Nova Scotia before heading across the Atlantic to Sweden. However, the master of the Stockholm, Captain Gunnar Nordenson, believed it was safer to meet the westbound traffic head on rather than

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