The Angel Of Death Research Paper

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-The Angel of Death-
The Nazi party rose to power in 1933 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, and would soon unleash a reign of terror and death upon Europe. However, Hitler was not directly responsible for all of the terror to ensue; there were many Nazi followers and soldiers who committed unspeakable crimes of war and other atrocious acts even as far as crimes against humanity. One such man was Dr. Josef Mengele.
Mengele was born March 16th, 1911 in Günzburg, Germany. He received his Ph. D. in physical anthropology in 1935, when he was 24 from the University of Munich. A few years later, in 1937 he was the assistant to Dr. Otmar von Vercheur who was famous for his research on twins. In 1945, Mengele fled Germany. He was caught by US soldiers who later released him, not realizing who exactly he was. Mengele was never found alive again. It was said that after he escaped, he befriended a Nazi supporter in Brazil named Wolfgang Gerhard, who hid Mengele for years and even
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It is hard to imagine someone able to do such horrible things to a person and be able to calmly walk them to their deaths as if it was nothing. Like the “Nazi system” Mengele was able to let people believe in a false sense of security, thinking they had the system, and Mengele’s intentions figured out while they were unknowingly being led to their demise.
Josef Mengele was a revered scholar and one of the most infamous members of the Nazi party known of today, especially through the crimes against humanity he committed from his work with experimentation and torture on twins and many others. In most pictures found of Mengele he is showing off his gap toothed smile, but behind that smile is the terrible Angel of
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