The Anguish of Euthanasia for My Daughter Essay

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This case study describes the difficult decisions and agony that Frank and Anita had to face in August of 2000 when their daughter Chanou was born with an extremely rare, incurable metabolic disorder. Because of the disorder, Chanou had an abnormal bone development that brought about a constant pain that prevented her parents from even touching her without causing increased pain.
After months of watching their precious daughter suffer, they knew they had to do something to help their daughter. She had even begun to reject the food that was being given to her through her feeding tube. Doctors agreed to allow passive euthanasia by stopping Chanou’s feeding tube. There are at least 15 suffering babies each year in Holland, that doctors
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I do believe that neonatal euthanasia performed under the strict conditions described by Verhagen is morally permissible. What provides the morality is that it’s providing an end to horrendous, unbearable suffering with no hope of long term survival while still ensuring criteria are in place to qualify the right to the decision and an appropriate review board acting to either support or deny the request for euthanasia. I question the far less morality of not having such a right.
I have had a loved one in this very state. She was in her early sixties and asked repeatedly for relief by euthanasia. She suffered from a very painful and terminal blood disorder with no hope of survival and thanks to the law, no hope of such relief. Her suffering was immeasurable and was shared by every single family member by her while she lay in her hospice bed. The doctor of course refused, but did agree to heavily sedate her to the point of a deep sleep and allow nature to take its course. Her family said their tearful goodbyes to her. She went to sleep thinking she would finally be at rest. Unfortunately, the sedatives were not strong enough and she awakened the very next day to pure physical anguish and emotional trauma. When she did finally pass two days later, it was on the birthday of her only daughter, who had been by her bedside day and night for weeks. On that day, her daughter decided to go home, go for a quick run, a shower and then return. She
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