The Animal Litigation Files And Changed The Status Of The Closed Cases

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On Monday, August 1, I spend a majority of my day organizing various documents using “City Law.” First, I went through the animal litigation files and changed the status of the closed cases from “open” to “closed.” Most animal litigation files can be closed out once the owner of the animal receives a notice stating that their animal has been involved in an attack. After this, I spent some time filing witness subpoenas. I went through a list of witnesses who were called to court to testify and filed their information into “City Law.” This will then notify the finance department to pay these witnesses for their time. When a witness is called to court, they are provided with five dollars for their appearance as well as twenty cents per mile that they drove from their home. I analyzed the witness forms filled out by the police department and determine if the witnesses appeared in court on the day they were called. I then filed the form as “serve subpoena” or “non-serve subpoena.” The finance department will then be notified to send a payment only to those who appeared. In the city of Manitowoc, there is both a reward and a punishment when subpoenaing witnesses to court. If a witness does appear, they receive the previously mentioned five dollars plus milage, but if a witness does not appear, they receive a citation and a fine for contempt of court. Through completing assignments such as those that I worked on today, I have learned a lot about the Manitowoc Municipal Code and…

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