The Animal Of Human Animals

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Abstract Uncertainty is one of the words that governs the way in which animal welfare has been scrutinised in the past years. This mainly happens due to “the role humans sentiments (moral and otherwise) play in justifying the judgements that we make about our moral community.” Consequently, the purpose of this essay is to analyse if the moral judgements humans make in respect to other animal species are legitimate and if so, to demonstrate that exploiting non-human animals is entirely natural excepting one case. As this essay is investigating the human-animal relationship in a changing environment, the values that lead to the creation of ambiguity towards what animal welfare mean will be looked at. By bringing to light those values, a better understanding of the controversity regarding the protection of animals will analysed.This paper will show that the animal legal debate has its roots in the natural world. Hence, the animal welfare debate will always encounter obstacles, especially as “different people may have different values that give rise to disagreements about decision that affect animal welfare.” Introduction “One prioritize humans in such a way that even in cases where animals suffer a similar harm to that of a human, in interest of the animal are not given similar consideration.” What it can be seen from the human-animal relationship, is that the reason for which there is an animal welfare debate, is in strict connection with the fact that “we feel a

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