The Animal Ownership Of George And Washington

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Growing up on a farm has allowed me to learn about many different types of animals. Starting from the beginning of my animal ownership starts with George and Washington. Living on the farm barn cats were always around. When I was about three years old I found these two fur balls. No, I was not a historical genius at the age of three to name them George and Washington, so my dad did. George was grey with beautiful big eyes. Sadly, Washington did not fare so well in appearance. He looked a bit grungy with his white coat since he had lived outside his whole life, and he his one eye was also blind. They were quite a dynamic duo though, catching mice and pestering the birds in the barn. In the summer I remember climbing up on the straw bales…show more content…
This was a short friendship, but it taught a great lesson; know the basics before you dive into something knew. I wanted another friend to hang out with, since my brother got boring sometimes, so I talked my family into getting a dog. We looked at our local pet shelter. Right when I walked in I walked over to a dachshund (She was the quietest dog in the shelter… little did my family know *eye roll). A week later the dachshund was home with the new name Libby (Thinking back on it, we should have named her Cleopatra since she looks like someone applied heavy eyeliner all over her eyes). Libby definitely tricked us with her shy personality at the pound. She is a force to be reckoned with, but I love her. Libby has little dog syndrome. She picks fights with the biggest and baddest, semi trucks. The tiny beast also finds it necessary to escort out all of our visitors to our property line (She runs on the side of the road barking until after the car passes the property line. My family is still not sure how she knows where our property line is… but she has mastered it). Do not get me wrong, Libby is a lover, and clingy lover at that. Every night I fall asleep she has always burrowed under the covers right next to my feet. My little fighter has taught me to stand my ground, no matter how tough the opponent is. This has helped me become successful in many of my academics and athletics in high school. This lesson will also be very

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