The Animal Protection Association (APA)

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The Animal Protection Association (APA) is a organization that focuses on bringing animals and people together. The APA provides adoptions, shelters and care, and lost and found assistance for animals that have been abused by previous owners, who are stray, or are lost. They also provide educational services to educate the public on animal welfare. The APA meets the criteria for an impactful organization because it is a nonprofit organization and it has many different spread out locations so you can help no matter where you are. Although the APA is not open 24 hours a day i still believe it is an impactful organization because they have a number on their website that you call if you found a dog or cat, and they also have a website where…show more content…
This way the APA can make sure that they help many animals no matter where they were found. This also helps the animals because more people may end up going to adopt the animals if they know that there is a location close to where they live, making it easier to take them home or find them, if they get lost. The APA is impactful because they know that many people will be more likely to volunteer or adopt if they have a location near them. Based on the criteria i made up a organization should be open 24 hours a day for it to be impactful, but this one is not. Although the APA is not open 24 hours a day they are still impactful because they still have other ways for you to contact them. The APA has a part of their website dedicated to lost and found pets. The APA does not go and find the animals that need help, so you have to bring the animals to their facilities, but they are not always open. So on the APA website they have a number that you can call if you find animals while the APA facilities are closed. They also have a blog you can post on if you lost your dog so you may have a better chance at finding it. The APA understands that animals are not only hurt in the working hours but also at night when their facility is closed, that is why the Animal Protection Association is an impactful organization. The APA meets the criteria for an impactful organization
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