The Animalia Kingdom

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The organism I chose to write my paper about is from the Animalia Kingdom in the Domain Eucarya. I will be talking about is the Giraffa camelopardalis, also known to most as a Giraffe. The scientific name comes from the ancient Greeks ' belief that it looked like a camel wearing a leopard 's coat. This paper will look at the habitat, nutrition, life span, reproduction, and unique facts that make this fascinating organism. Giraffes work in an individual manner in nature, typically wandering from herd to herd daily. Because of this they usually never form any sort of a cohesive or permanent herd. A giraffes native habitat, are places like open woodlands, savannas, or sub-Saharan grasslands. These places reside in East Africa, Angola, or Zambia in Southwestern Africa. Giraffes are herbivorous consumers that have evolved to be the height that they are so they have less competition for food on the higher branches of the canopy. Giraffes are known to eat up to 60 different species of plant throughout the year and do so by grabbing onto branches with their long, black tongue and using their tough lips and flattened, grooved teeth are able to strip the leaves off the branches. Giraffes most commonly eat from acacia trees but also browse for wild apricots, flowers, fruits and buds along with eating seeds. More than 93% of a giraffe’s natural diet is generally trees and shrubs, with very little to no grass intake. If a giraffe does eat grass it is usually by accident, because it is
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