The Animals And Non Gamers

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In this experiment, all of the subjects were divided into two groups, gamers and non-gamers. In incongruent condition, subjects were presented with pictures of threatening animals (e.g. spiders, snakes etc.) and a conflicting word of the names of animals at the center of the pictures. While in natural condition, subjects were presented with six different types of threatening animals again like in the incongruent condition, but at the center of the picture, instead of conflicting words, there were non-animals word written (e.g. desk, pencil etc.). Participants were then asked to name the animals shown by the pictures by disregarding the words written on the pictures. There were two hypothesis that being tested in this experiment. The…show more content…
I also only choose people that have normal vision, in other word, not color blind. There were two groups of people among them that have different experience with video games, regardless of their gender. I had divided them into two groups (gamers and non-gamers) based on their answers on the questionnaire that I gave them a day before they do the experiment. Among the people who answered the questionnaire, I picked six people that are having a high video games experience or in other words, they always playing video games during their leisure times, while, the other six participants were people that are not into video games or having a low or none video games experience. All of the participants are non-native speakers of English language that are currently living in United States, but they must be able to speak in English and able to understand the instructions given during the experiment. There were rewards given to each of them after they completed this experiment. I used two conditions that are neutral and the incongruent in this experiment. Both of these conditions being presented to both the gamers and non-gamers. There will be two stimuli being used in this experiment, that were pictures of animals and contradicting or non-related animal word placed at the center of the picture. I am using pictures of six different types of scary or threatening animals in this experiment that are, spiders, snakes, crocodiles,
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