The Animation : The 3d Animation

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When I first started this Anime, I found it extremely weird, starting with how the story unfolds, the characters and most importantly: the 3D Animation. It was an extremely weird concept to begin with. I had a hard time enjoying the Anime at first. I saw myself fading in and out. The first 3 episodes were kind of a mess because some details weren’t explained yet and I struggled to follow the Plot. After ep 3 everything cleared up and I actually enjoyed it to a good extent. I’m not saying it is a masterpiece. Nooo, god no. It is far away from being one. There are many plot holes where none of the writers even bothered to fill them up. And yet I highly enjoyed its weird story and slightly above average CGI. ______________ #4 - Hai to Gensou no Grimgar This is probably one of A1-Pictures most beautiful Anime. From the calming and stylish backgrounds to the smooth Animation and vibrant colors. The show has a general calm feeling to it. Watching the character cast live their daily lives soothes my soul. And then there’s this bullshit I have many big problems with this show. First of all, the pacing is unimaginably slow. That’s not the biggest problem because here is this: Why are they brought to this world? Who brought them there? Who created this world? Why does nobody give a fuck about their previous worlds? The whole thing is so unrealistic. I mean, yeah, they fight for their lives daily but why are they not even trying to figure out or thinking about how they got
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