The Anne Frank In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Have you ever read a book that stands out to you? Well I have and it's called the diary of Anne Frank it's a story about a jewish family caught behind Nazi lines and territory. it tells about all the struggles and different complications the Jew's faced during world war two. So when the Nazi rose to power they started to invade foreign land and fight for that land. Then because of this it started World War Two. Because of this the franks when into hiding. But the Nazi's didn't let any jew leave the land they took over or own anything. Now that's why the franks went into hiding. Then the discrimination started to happen, the Nazi's would make all jews report into the police at that city. Then if they did the Jews would have to go to the causation camps to work to there deaths. If they didn't report into the police or german officials the Jew's would be wanted and fined for not reporting into…show more content…
But in spite of everything Anne Frank was a talented writer with no lessens that I know of. She has one of the top selling and most read books ever. Also she had her diary translated into 70 different languages! Mr.frank was the only one that survived the holocaust out of everyone in the annex. What was very sad Mr.frank found the journal from Meip and read it thought and said this should be in a book, then as he revised it he published it for everyone to read and feel how the Jews felt during that troubling time. Next Anne vented through the diary that she used, to translate her anger in that journal. Anne was also one of the most important writers in history. she has inspired a literal eight million people is my guess and how much as Harry Potter inspired probly one to a hundred. Then as it said in the article "I think myself out" ( Goodrich and Hackett). She was also very honest through her writings and added humor as well. So truly her book inspired and help out young youth and oped a inside look into the
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