The Annexation of Texas Caused Problems and Controversy in the United States

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Why did the annexation of Texas cause political, military, economic, cultural, and moral controversy in the United States? Even before the Mexican-American War the United States is already doomed with sectional differences. Different people have different beliefs. As to who is siding with slavery and racial equality. This is such a strong point By needing to fulfill the United States’ Manifest Destiny as the latest justification for white settlers to take the land they coveted; This eventually led to Mexican-American War in 1846-1848. It was the same superiority and desire our first settlers showed when they started seizing lands from our Indian ancestors. Regardless, who owns the lands it had to be acquired at some point. President Polk craved Mexico’s remaining northern provinces. He showed interest to buy the territory, but Mexicans refused to sell it. Tensions rose high when Zachary Taylor refused to retreat and the Mexican cavalry attacked a party of American soldiers, killing and wounding and capturing the rest. Our President had already obtained his cabinet’s approval of a war message. It was just a matter of time and the war begun. It was an American victory and a treaty had been signed and the border was drawn. The United States was simply unstoppable. They had the power to expand and they had done all their might to acquire it. Mr. President was an advanced thinker. As Britain was also snooping on Texas; He had to do what had to be done. Tyler did the annexation
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