The Annual Field Trip University Of California ( Uc ) Merced And Csu Stanislaus

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10-3-16 8:00-4:15 This morning, I helped Moua survey sophomore students regarding the upcoming field trip to University of California (UC) Merced and CSU Stanislaus. After attending management meeting, I helped Moua organize schedules for tomorrow’s CSU workshop. Afterwards, I helped students complete their FSA ID. Once school was out, Christina and Molly from FUSD came to Fresno High to teach the counselors about the new changes in Beta Tool. 10-4-16 7:45-3:15 Before school, I helped students who came into the counseling center with their FSA ID account and ACT registration. The morning was spent in CSU workshops, while the rest of the afternoon was spent helping students create their FSA ID accounts. 10-5-16 8:00-4:45 Today was spent…show more content…
The seniors who were on campus had the opportunity to take their panoramic picture, listen to guest speakers, and start or complete their college applications and Free Application Student Federal Aid (FAFSA). School was dismiss at 1:18pm, afterwards, I helped count, organize, and pack the PSAT answer sheets. Tonight was also Fresno High’s grade distribution, where families and students were welcome to come onto campus, pick up the student’s report cards, meet the Fresno High staff, and have dinner. 10-24-16 8:00-4:45 In the morning, I was inputting all the remaining seniors’ FCC and CSU applications on the Google Sheets. I then attended the management meeting and counseling meeting. The rest of the day was spent sealing and folding letters to parents who’s child had one or more D and F letter grades. 10-25-16 8:00-3:00 In the morning, I continue inputting more seniors’ college applications on the Google Sheets. The rest of the day was spent creating passes for seniors to meet with me to complete their CSU and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) application. 10-26-16 8:00-4:45 Met with seniors to help assist them with their CSU and EOP applications. After school, I inputted all the CSU applications and EOP applications on the Google Sheet. 10-31-16 8:00-4:00 Beside attending management and counseling meeting, I helped student start and complete their CSU and EOP applications. 11-1-16 8:00-3:00 Today

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