The Annual Wage For A Marketing Manager

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual wage for a Marketing Manager ranges from $65,980 to $171,390 and an hourly wage starting at $31.72 and going to over $90. This is a mean annual salary of 127,130 and a mean annual pay of $61.12. On the other hand, a marketing manager is required to be hard working and dedicated to his/her job, therefor the money is well earned and deserved. With the type of stressful and tedious work that comes along with being a Marketing Manager, there are some benefits to the job other than the above average pay. Creative Pool tells us “Additional benefits may include car allowances, private healthcare insurance, company pension schemes and share options. Some companies may offer bonuses linked to performance.” (Creative Pool). The size and revenue of the company will factor into what kind of benefits a manager receives (ex. A car allowance may only be give to those who work with an international company, or one that travels often to attend meeting or presentations). The hours of a Marketing Manager may vary when overtime is needed. Creative Pool says “Most marketing managers work 37 hours a week, between the hours of 9am and 6pm. As with many jobs with tight deadlines, they may be expected to work additional hours at certain times to ensure that targets are met.” (Creative Pool). This suggest around 8 hour days Monday through Friday, but one must be prepared to work overtime if he/she expects to outshine the competition.…
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