The Annual Wage For A Marketing Manager

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual wage for a Marketing Manager ranges from $65,980 to $171,390 and an hourly wage starting at $31.72 and going to over $90. This is a mean annual salary of 127,130 and a mean annual pay of $61.12. On the other hand, a marketing manager is required to be hard working and dedicated to his/her job, therefor the money is well earned and deserved. With the type of stressful and tedious work that comes along with being a Marketing Manager, there are some benefits to the job other than the above average pay. Creative Pool tells us “Additional benefits may include car allowances, private healthcare insurance, company pension schemes and share options. Some companies may offer bonuses…show more content…
Creative Pool informs us “Most of the work is desk-based and offices tend to be modern and well-lit. Marketing managers may be expected to attend a lot of meetings and make regular presentations. Some positions may require a lot of travel, particularly when working for an international company” (Creative Pool). During the day one will also have to observe the market and sales trends of the competition as well as their own company’s and analyze them to try and plan their next move. They are expected to try to improve existing products, create future plans to meet goals, and keep promoting the company’s current product. A Marketing Manager should keep setting budgets to try and make sure the company is always staying above water. They will need to make sure they are creating strategies for targeting the market that their product is meant for and communicating with them. They are also responsible for staying in touch with other departments such as sales and distribution to maintain an exceptional relationship with them. The family life of a marketing manager is relatively stressful considering there is so much on one’s mind. Having to juggle all the responsibilities of a marketing manager and keep a happy family seems to be a challenge. If overtime is required (which it sometimes is) there
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