The Ant : An Ant

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When Scott landed on the soft sheets of his bed, he was met with the large body of Antony. He took a deep breath before mentally commanding the insect to come over to him. As Scott lay down Antony crawled over him, hovering over his tense body. Scott gulped and began second guessing his decision. Who the fuck shrinks down their body to get fucked by an ant just because they’re desperate to get it up the ass? Him, he answers. He shrinks down to get fucked by an ant just because he’s desperate to get it up the ass.
He almost backs out of it when all the sudden Antony was nuzzling him, seeming to understand his nervousness. He was comforted by this, put at ease by the insect’s kind ways. He closed his eyes to steady himself and began grinding his hips up against Antony. The hard shell provided a sturdy place for Scott to use, allowing him to essentially ride the abdomen of the ant above him. The ant was still for a bit before it reciprocating. Antony moved his thorax in time with Scott, his facial pincers brushing across the man’s clothed throat. Scott shuddered at the odd but not unwelcome feeling.
Soon the suit felt all too tight against his crotch area and Scott new he was ready to move further. He wondered for a moment as to how they were going to make this work, before deciding he could let Antony figure it out. If the insect was hurting him in any way he could just make him stop. It was a decent plan, but he was desperate enough to let anything happen at this point so
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