The Antagonist As A Human Competitor

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The antagonist is the opposing power in a story, this can be a human competitor, or it could be non-human, like an animal or something less touchable, like fear, flood, and material thing is some stories. Protagonist and antagonist are two important characters of the story and they cannot exist without each other. They work together against each other, in the setting of the story with one main goal to prevail upon each other. Each story develops a different plot, theme and setting but the antagonist role and motive is the same with one common intention to create a conflict and provide opposing force to the protagonist.
A writer delivers his message in short story or novel through plot or by narrative by assigning the roles played by his different characters especially the protagonist and antagonist. Events takes place according to the wishes of the writer, moving from one setting or event to another to overcome the conflict provided by the antagonist against protagonist who is seeking the goals of the resolution. The struggle between the two reaches to a highest emotional stage, when the events and actions at a crucial point called the climax. This is the point of no return for both the protagonist and antagonist as the story or narrative about to reach its logical end.
The turning point of the story depend upon the struggle made by the protagonist for seeking the resolution or the nature and intensity of the conflict or opposing force produced by the antagonist in…
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