The Antagonist Made Good : Dr. Seuss

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Cameron McIntire
Miss Saunders
Block 4
Friday September 18, 2015
The Antagonist Made Good:
At times, a hero may be revealed right through the glass, or it may be necessary to investigate deep down to find the true identity of a hero. In Dr. Seuss 's famous story The Lorax, The old, mysterious Once-ler is the hero because of his evolution past keeping the treasured land with the Truffula Trees undisclosed, consequently establishing a realization of the inadequate oversight of the actions presented in the story, formulates an effective solution to a problem that he created as an act of redemption. The Once-ler displays deep acts of heroism, which is why he is considered the hero of the text.

The old, reserved Once-ler begins to display acts of heroism even in the first blossoms of the children’s tale. This implies that the Once-ler, who according to the narrator “lurks in his Lerkim”, rarely shares his the story of how the Lorax traveled far away. The text states that the Once-ler only tells the story on a “special dank midnights in August”. He then managed to tell the depressing story of the termination of the Truffula Trees to the innocent child with relative ease. This means that the Once-ler has evolved from the incident that he instigated and is willing to convey the aspects of life that he does not want to recall. It is extremely challenging to visualize a negative part of life that occurred because the person wants to forget about it. However, this is not
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