The Anti Jewish Actions Taken By The Nazi Party

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Jerusaline Pullikottil, PAPER 2, 04/30/2015. This paper deals with the information’s regarding escalation of the anti-Jewish actions taken by the Nazi party in the 1930s and early 1940s. And will be describing the dehumanizing effects of life in concentration camps. The life of Jews and the suffering in the concentration camps. Although the Germans and the rest of the world was concentrating on WWII, many innocent Jews were experiencing different type of torture. They were subjected to be humiliated in public, shaved and branded and placed in concentration camps. Budapest radio had announced that the fascist party had seized the power. Minklos Horthy the regent, was forced to ask the leader of the pro-Nazi Nyilas party to form a new government. But they were not worried. They had heard about the fascists but it was all in the abstracts, it was nothing more than a change of ministry for them. The next day they get a very disquieting news. German troops had penetrated through the Hungarian territory with government’s approval. It was time, people started getting worried. Moshie Chaim Berkowitz, one of their friends had been back from the capital for Passover told them, (page 9) the Jews of Budapest live in an atmosphere of fear and terror. In the streets and on the trains anti-Semitic acts take place every day. Jewish stores, synagogues were attacked by the fascist. Situation was getting bad day by day. This news was spreading…

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