The Anti Roadway Carnage Bill

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Dear Citizen, My gripe is with texting and driving. This is one of the most serious public health issues of our time. I cannot for the life of me believe this practice has not yet been outlawed. Last year in the United States, driver distraction was the cause of 16% of all fatal crashes, killing 5800 people. A further 515,000 people were wounded as the result of distracted driving. The worst part is that up to 50% of teenagers the least experienced drivers on the road report texting and driving. We are teaching the next generation to drive without teaching them about responsibility. Other states have already passed laws, but our politicians are on record as saying they cannot ban something they do themselves. How irresponsible! Thankfully, Senator Jim Duncan is proposing a bill that would outlaw texting and driving. Please click here to sign a petition supporting Prop 733T, the Anti-Roadway Carnage Bill, and help keep our streets safe. Sincerely, Concerned Activist This persuasive memo is designed to sell an idea, that texting and driving should be banned. The design put forth by Bowman (2002) is the basis of the letter. The pacing of the letter is quick, with short sentences and simple ideas. The reason for this is to generate an emotional response to help motivate the reader. The core of the argument comes in the first two lines, so there is little time to for the reader to tune out. Bowman also prescribes blending ideas, including blending truth and

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