The Anti Vaccine Movement Paper

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Pierce Kurek
Anti-Vaccine Movement Paper
4 September 2016 The first argument that I found compelling – in the manner that someone with little formal training in science might be susceptible to – was the claim that there are unnatural and dangerous chemicals and poisons in vaccines. Through looking at a short list provided by the Healthy Home Economist, you can see things that would make any parent nervous: formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, antifreeze, and many more. These are dangerous chemicals, and the anti-vaccine movement argues that they should not be injected into the bloodstreams of children, which sounds absolutely reasonable. However, the key here is dosage. A large dose of anything can be dangerous; you can drown in water, or have your kidneys fail incurring hyponatremia if you drink too much water without replenishing sodium lost through sweat during intense exercise. The same principle occurs here. Formaldehyde is ever present in day to day life. It is found in car exhaust, household products such as carpets, upholstery, and paint, and even in cough drops and mouthwash. In low doses, it is not harmful. Aluminum is also consumed on a daily basis, with the average adult consuming 30 to 50 mg per day through food, drinking water, and medicines. Vaccines that contain aluminum typically contain .125 to .625mg, which is only 1% of what is consumed daily regardless of vaccination. Mercury is perhaps the easiest to dismiss, as it naturally exists in breast milk and…
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