The, Antigone, And The Island By Athol Fugard

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Try thinking about every time you have been bullied or feel segregated from a group of people. There are countless amounts of times where we can recall a time where we feel like the odd person out or the last person picked to play kickball. “Oh, they have John! We are definitely going to win now!” are never words you want to hear about you ever. Our natural instincts as humans is bottle up all of our negative energy and attempt to forget about what had just transpired and move forward. For some people, this may be very difficult due to the fact that their life depends on it. Apartheid in South Africa segregated races in order to purify their country. It can be easily seen that most of these blacks would have been very unhappy with the government they are apart of. The negative energy doesn’t always get bottled up in this case and sometimes it leads to revolt, such as in Sophocles’, Antigone, and in The Island by Athol Fugard. Unfortunately, many people get killed when this such event occurs. Since the entire country of South Africa is under racial prejudice, similar to Creon’s rule in Antigone, the characters in both The Island and Antigone feel the obligation to protest authority and change the course of their lives in similar methods. It is first very important to understand deep history of Apartheid to actually understand the story of The Island and the messages it sends. The beginning of Apartheid marked a big turning point in South African history. In the beginning,
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