The Anxiety Cure Essay

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Introduction Hart (1999) in his book The Anxiety Cure offers a plan to defeat anxiety by explaining the role of how brain chemistry, psychological responses, and thought process aid in the complications of anxiety disorders. He views modern society as moving at the speed of cheetahs when God designed us to move at the speed of camels. The book gives practical advice to change your way of life without depending on medication and psychotherapy as a life-long process, by developing the emotional tranquility and completeness that God desires us to have in our lives.
Personality Structure Hart believes a major part of our personality structure lies in the working of the neurotransmitters of the brain. These are the messengers that carry
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As with all the past authors he believes that a relationship with God must be at the core or our being. Because we alone cannot cope with our anxiety we need the power of God working in our lives.
Health versus Illness Health consists of living a life of tranquility with the brain producing “happy messages”. Having the life that God intended us to live of being calm, serene, at peace, and happy. Anxiety takes away these messages and tranquility causing illness in one’s life “Stress depletes our natural brain tranquilizers” (Hart, 1999, p.5) resulting in panic which can be an acute illness called a “panic attack” or a chronic aliment known as “panic anxiety disorder”. Being able to hold on to your tranquility in the midst of the demands of daily life and having a personal relationship with God is a fundamental part of this cure.
Element of Cure To lead a life of tranquility we must “Take personal control over our anxiety”( Hart, , 1999, p.47), accepting responsibility for our life not blaming your sadness and stress on people and environmental factors learning to develop self-empowerment in order to defeat the lifetime havoc of anxiety. Medication alone cannot solve this issue we also need a relationship with God allowing God to give us courage and hope guiding us on the path of recovery when we feel hopeless in our own
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