The Anxiety Disorders : Social Anxiety Disorder

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Client Goal
There are many adolescences that suffer from anxiety that interferes with them performing in the school setting, and often affects their behavior and grades. One of these anxiety disorders is social anxiety disorder, which is “characterized by significant discomfort and avoidance of social or performance situations” (Ryan & Warner, 2012, p. 105). Studies have found that “recent estimates indicate that 6% of children and 12.1% of adolescents meet criteria for this diagnosis” (Ryan & Warner, 2012, p. 105). Sara is a 13-year-old female suffering from anxiety symptoms. Sara attends middle school in Broward county and is a client in the COMPASS program at school. She has presented with symptoms of anxiety when in the school setting and in other social environments, resulting in her referral to the program for continuous skipping of classes and failing grades. Sara received individual counseling at school and now at the Boys & Girls club with the goal of reducing her social anxiety symptoms at school and in other social settings. The underlying question this researcher seeks to answer is what impact does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) have on helping adolescents to decrease anxiety?
Identified Intervention
The intervention that was identified and used for this client was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This intervention will be evaluated through this single system design paper to assess the effectiveness of CBT on reducing client’s anxiety. After

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