The Anxiety Of Depression And Anxiety

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William has reported feeling stressed, worried, and depressed. William also has feelings of hopelessness about his future, and worries that things won’t change or get any better. William has persistent headaches, presents as anxious, and has been experiencing insomnia. The first issue therapy will focus on is assisting William in learning to better cope with the stress that his demotion has caused. William also has been experiencing some anxiety due to the potential threat of decreasing social classes. William has an overwhelming feeling of being judged by his peers and his family alike. He feelings his family thinks he’s a failure and he’s certain that they are disappointment in him. William has begun to drink more than usual. The…show more content…
Also, William has begun drinking more than usual. Will has begun to be frustrated with his son, and seems that it is because of the ideal of the son becoming unable to support himself. William reports that his mother was distant and cold. He suspects that she suffered from depression and alcoholism. From the antidote William shared, it seemed that his mother suffered from either postpartum depression or severe depression and this could potentially mean that he was genetically predisposed to develop both depression and alcoholism. Also, in William’s childhood, his father “always” provide his family with lavish gifts and trips. Because William idolized his father, he may subconsciously feel that he should be able to provide his family with the same luxuries. William may have an irrational view of success, and measure them with expensive gifts. Will’s personal experience with the law and the undergoing of his company could potentially begin to cause financial problems with getting a payment processed. Also, there is a possibility that Will could be doing something different/ illegal to earn money. To address the family issue, I plan to use Family Schema Therapy to address the rifts in the family relationships. Ethically, because a few of the sessions will be in a group setting, it will be important to get intake forms from each of the group members. Clients

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