The Anxiety Of Depression And Depression

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Lots of people everyday experience mood changes in their lives. They feel happy or energetic when things are going their way. Maybe Sam got a bonus at work or Elias caught a peek of the pretty girl he has been crushing on for weeks. They feel sad or dismayed when things are not going their way. Possibly Chris’s laptop went shot or Danielle just found out her favorite sister has cancer. These feelings are normal and usually do not last very long. When feelings of intense sadness or feelings or extreme elation last for a long time and they interfere with normal functioning they are considered to be mood disorders such as depression or mania (Comer, 2011, p. 193).
Depression is a sad, low state where life seems dark and overwhelming (Comer, 2011, p. 193). Mania is a state of frenzied energy or breathless euphoria where a person may have an exaggerated belief that the world is theirs for the taking (Comer, 2011, p. 193). Mania and depression are the two key emotions in mood disorders and most people who have one usually only suffer from depression, which is called unipolar depression (Comer, 2011, p. 193). These people have no history of mania and may return to a normal or a near normal mood when their depression lifts where other people may have periods of mania that alternate with their periods of depression, which is called bipolar disorder (Comer, 2011, p. 193). Unipolar depression and bipolar disorder are the same in some aspects but incomparable in others. People who…
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