The Anxiety With A Referral From A General Practitioner

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Case study 1: By firstly addressing the Anxiety with a referral from a General practitioner to a psychologist whom can then confirm the diagnosis and treat the disorder. The main contributing factors are the demands of being a single working parent with teenagers, fear of losing her job, police involvement, child services involvement, illicit drugs which is causing a pressure cooker situation. Anxiety and stress are a natural response to dealing with these situations causing nervousness, anxiousness, hopelessness and constant feeling of apprehension. A psychologist can perform Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), CBT has been found to be the most effective treatment for anxiety disorders. CBT is a type of psychotherapy that helps an individual to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours which can contribute to anxiety (beyondblue, 2016). CBT is proven to be the most effective way to reduce Anxiety and stress a person is suffering from, specialist that can perform CBT use the method to change how the brain reacts to certain situations by change how the brain reacts to a situation (beyondblue, 2016). For example, you might find yourself stuck in catastrophizing thinking patterns. This means thinking the worst, believing something is far worse than it actually is, or anticipating things will go wrong this creates the Anxiety you feel. CBT helps by teaching you to think that more realistically and focus on problem-solving. If you actively avoid situations or things that cause
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