The Apa Style Of Writing Has Been In Existence For Over

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The APA style of writing has been in existence for over 80 years and has been revised 6 times over that time period. APA has been recognized as a guide for many important disciplines beyond Psychology including business and education which indicates the standards credibility in the publishing community (Hunsley, 2010). The long tradition of the APA standard establishes the credibility and importance. It has evolved to keep up with modern research and technology. Using the same style as others in your profession allows for peer reviewers to read the article quicker and also have a reference go back to so they ensure data, tables and references are all documented correctly. The APA standard is helps researchers to distribute important…show more content…
Having important standard for ethics a rigorous process to have an article published in a journal helps me to be a more confident researcher. Key style elements of APA make publishing easier and set important standards for all researchers (Hunsley, 2010, 219).
“The Manual is used by more than 1,000 journals across a very wide range of disciplines and is part of the lives of enormous numbers of students in many countries around the world. Its advice is highly influential.” (Cumming, fiddler, Kalinowski and Lai) APA has an enormous effect on research and writing and maintains as a growing standard as more people like myself learn to use it. The impact APA has around the world on research and writing is astounding. The uniform style is clear and to the point so much so that people at all levels are able to learn it..
APA’s potential to help as a researcher Statistically the American Meteorological Society is a meaningful force when it comes to distributing new scientific facts throughout the community (American Meteorological Society, 2007). Maintaining high standards of publication through the use of APA standards is important to share new scientific research that can be trusted. Peer review allows experts in scientific areas to scrutinize articles to ensure that adequate standards are met (AMS, 2017). Although it can burden scientist with the time it takes to review an article it’s incredibly important because of the level of

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