The Apache Indians Essay

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The Apaches, like most Native Americans, have no written history other than that written by white men. But the story of the Apaches did not begin in the American Southwest but in the northwestern corner of North America, the western Subarctic region of Alaska and Canada. The Apache Indians belong to the southern branch of the Athabascan group, whose languages constitute a large family, with speakers in Alaska, western Canada, and American Southwest. The fact that the Apaches originated in the western mountainous Subarctic region makes their nomadic behavior after the arrival in the American Southwest more comprehensible; the tribes of the Southwest were highly mobile and moved from place to place depending on availability of food. They…show more content…
Raiding had been something to Apache had only done once in awhile but now that they couldn’t hunt buffalo any longer raiding became necessary for their survival. The hostility between the Apache and the Spanish settlers increased when New Mexico became a Spanish Colony . From the time of the Spanish colonization until 1886 they were noted for their warlike disposition. According to the written history of whites, Apaches have always been hostile; in truth, serious warlike behavior could usually be attributed to belligerent behavior on the part of the whiteman, or misunderstandings between the two peoples.
Since no single food source could support their people for any length of time the Athabaskan continued to move around. Because they were accustomed to living in mountainous regions their migration southward followed the Rocky Mountain range until they eventually reached the Southwestern us, probably in the 1500's. The reason for all this southward trek is not so clear but is most likely because of lack of game and food. During the migration they broke into smaller bands that settled in various areas of the country. Those that landed in what are now the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah adopted some of the culture of the Pueblo Indians and eventually came to be known as Navajos; others, who became the Western
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