The Apache and the Maya are Prominent Native Tribes from the Americas

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Two prominent native tribes of the Americas are the Maya and the Apache. These great tribes lived in different places. The Maya lived in what is now modern day Central America, while the Apache largely lived in the southwest deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. They both have a rich history and cultural heritage. However, the Mayan and the Apache tribes have many differences, in their environment, social structures, their adaptations to the environment, and the effect of European contact on the tribes.

The Maya and the Apache lived in different environments yet both have adapted to their respective environments. While the Maya lived in the rainforests and lowlands of Central America, the Apache lived in the desert of Arizona, New
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When the Maya began settling in the lowlands of what is now northern Guatemala around 1000 BCE, they cleared thick tropical forests in order to farm. They grew crops like beans, squash, avocados and corn. The forest provided food sources like deer, rabbits and monkeys, and building materials like wood, vines and mud for their houses. Through increased trade, small isolated Mayan villages grew into large cities. While the Apache used to live in wickiups, made of wooden frames covered by a buffalo-hide tarp, nowadays they live in modern houses and apartment buildings. Traditionally, the Apache were hunters. The men hunted antelope, buffalo, and deer, while the women collected fruits and nuts from their surroundings. These days, however their main staple food consists of corn. The Europeans have different impact on the Maya and the Apache. The Europeans did not have such a big effect on the Mayan civilization as they did on the Apache. The Mayan civilization had already collapsed when Spanish conquerors arrived at the Americas in the 1500s. In the late 1800s, the Apache engaged in warfare against the United States government. Despite putting a strong resistance against the aggression to take over the Apache’s land, the Apache had to surrender in the end and were subjected to confined life in reservations.

The Maya and the Apache are amongst the best known tribes in the Americas. They both have very gripping history but they are very different in
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