The Apartheid Movement Of South Africa

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During the times of the troubles in South Africa, the apartheid movement occurs which separates different races of individuals from certain rights. For example, African- Americans did not have the right to freedom as whites. Thus, resulting in war between the races. Also, the separation lead to the creation of the Land Act. This act prohibited African- Americans from owning land. In addition, the apartheid period lead to limited communication, and separation of building and living spaces. In the film, District 9 (2009), the apartheid period was displayed as the Multinationalist United (MNU) required aliens to relocate to a separate district. This organization serves to remove all aliens from one district and transfer them to another. However, some go too far and choose to assassinate them instead. Thus, displaying an abuse of power. In addition, the treatment of aliens and their separation from humans depict large human rights violations and discrimination. The apartheid period is the main period that has led to ethnic conflicts with individuals and leaders fighting for their rights and power, struggles to prevent violence outbreak, and fear of human rights being stripped away. As referenced in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , all individuals have rights to freedom, justice, liberty, and equality. Nowadays, some of those rights have been violated as many civilians are forced to move out of their original territory. Thus, resulting in ethnic conflict. Steps that
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