The Apartheid Of South Africa

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Introduction: According to my research if we study the history of South Africa all we could see is racial discrimination. Africa was all in control of Whites till 1994. South Africa got free from racial discrimination when Nelson Mandela took a step became the first black prime minister of South Africa. Contemporary South Africa is now economically strong and it is completely a racial free state. The contemporary South Africa is now in race with every state in every field. Before 1994 South Africa was completely under control of Apartheid. WHO IS APARTHEID? According to the dictionary of oxford: Apartheid was a system or policy in South Africa which is for segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. PRE-APAERTHEID ERA or THE ORIGINS OF APARTHEID South Africa was populated by the Dutch and English in the 17th century. Due to their language Dutch were known as Afrikaners or the Boers there language was known as the Afrikaans. Soon the English started getting supremacy over the Dutch. The Dutch were really not happy about the dominance and soon a war broke out known as THE BOER WAR. THE BOER WAR: Te Boer War was divided into two parts such as the first Boer War and the second Boer War. The period of first Boer War was one year i.e. from 1880-81and the period of second Boer War was 4 years i.e. from 1899-1902. After the first Boer War the Dutch were granted their self-governance in Transvaal. A few reasons of Second Boer War are: • Conflicting Political Ideology: The

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