The Apartheid Of South Africa Essay

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South Africa, after experiencing the apartheid, is trying their best to overcome the apartheid. Now, the country even has its own leader. He is Jacob Zuma. It is already his second term as a president.( News, B. (2016, August 5)) The country went over a lot of things, and the history of democratic political system is not very long for them. English and Dutch colonized South Africa in the seventeenth century. After South Africa got its independence from England, Afrikaner National Party became a majority. This was the result of two groups trying to gain the most power, and the Afrikaner National Party won. After the independence and apartheid they experienced, there was the first non-racial elections in 1994. After that, parliamentary republic was elected after replacing constitution of Interim Constitution in 1197, February 4th. After the independence, South Africa tried its best to be non-racist and get out of the apartheid they struggled. South Africa elected its own president, and aimed to be democratic. Even though South Africa now is not fully settled democratic system, they are still struggling and trying hard to be fully democratic. (The History of Apartheid in South Africa.) South Africa once again, tried its best and still trying to be a democratic country. However, the second largest party, DA, was under the control of apartheid even though the party opposed apartheid laws. That is why DA changed its route to be more conventional liberal, which opposed ANC.(

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