The Apartheid Of South Africa

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Apartheid in South Africa

Every country has a story to how it made a name for itself regardless if it was good or bad. Today the beautiful South Africa is known as the rainbow nation, for it’s diversity in culture. However, that name was earned after many blood rivers and broken homes.These “blood rivers and broken homes” I speak of occurred during an era called Apartheid. The name “Apartheid” is an afrikaans name which means segregation. It took fifty years for South Africa to redeem itself from being known, for violence and destruction. Liberation and freedom was in high demand but it wasn’t up for trade. The National Party Government of South Africa was a white government who loved the gift they had seen in South Africa however, who likes sharing gifts? The National Party Government was made up of the European, Dutch and British colonies. They believed that South Africa was a gift given to them by God and they had to protect it from other races. So the legislation decided that they were going to separate everyone into four racial groups. White, black , Coloured (mixed) and Indian. The department of home affairs was responsible for what race you belonged to and where you lived. This is where black people collected their passbooks which they would need to carry everywhere they went. The department of home affairs is like an american immigration services, this is where you would try to get citizenship or residency from.
When you receive your ethnicity you were not

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