The Apartheid Of South Africa

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Apartheid in South Africa was not started in 1948 with the election that saw the National Party (NP) take office, it was just a term coined by NP after the publication of the Sauer Report of 1946. The Sauer report recommended consolidation of land reserves, controls over African urbanization and segregation of coloreds, Indians and blacks. Apartheid was more than just segregation though, it was a ruthless way of controlling a majority of the population within the country. The reason being it was supported by those who had power within the government, and those that had the power of the vote as well. National Party supporters such as teachers, clerics, and large scale farmers, as well as those white urban trade unions that had lost work to black South Africans during World War II where all behind this movement. Apartheid was a movement segregation, and it spread quickly, by increasing demands of all non-white South Africans with governmental acts. These acts such as the Group Areas Act of 1950 which enforced segregated living spaces, and the Bantu Education Act of 1953, which put all African schools under the control of the Department of Native Affairs, which regulated education and imposed a uniform curriculum which was to prepare students towards more manual type labor. These acts and other like them pushed Africans to start to up protest, at first peacefully through non-violent protest, but eventually violence was seen as the only way. These protest led the…

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