The Apartment Building At 67-35 Ridge Blvd

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Growing up in Brooklyn never had any significant meaning to me. Brooklyn itself was just the little island where my home was located in, I didn’t think of it as my home in its entirety. Maybe it was because I wasn’t much of an explorer. Maybe it was because I was too young to be an explorer, although I don’t believe anyone is too young or too old to be intrepid. Either way, Brooklyn wasn’t a place that carried any importance to me. While I was growing up, it was my mother’s confined, one bedroom apartment, that brought me, and the people I grew up with, solace. The apartment building at 67-35 Ridge Blvd. was simple, yet elegant. It was one of the oldest buildings on the block, even withstanding the fact that most of the buildings in my neighborhood were far from their youth. Bay Ridge, my neighborhood, was founded by the first Dutch settlers in the mid-17th century. The land was initially used for farming and agriculture, until the 1830’s when the population boomed and housing development began. My quaint building was built in 1931 and it still has, to this day, its 18th century crystal, chandelier hanging in the lobby. It’s also the only building that hs a doorman waiting for you every morning with a smile. That isn’t to say that I grew up rich, in fact, my family has always been on the lowest rung of the financial ladder. My mom was Kalish’s, the building’s owner, Mitzvah and never raised the rent for her when it was mandatory for

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