The Aplication of Community Language Learning in Teachjng Speaking

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As an international language, at the present day, English has been used and learnt by the people all over the world, include by Indonesian students. Based on the history, English is main language which is used in Britain, USA, and many others foreign countries, where it differs in grammatical, vocabularies, and pronunciation. Besides that, there are many words in English which is derived from French which is coming through the colonial peoples and widely used in environmental governance itself. Because of this reason, there are many students who had the difficulties in learning English, especially in speaking and listening subjects.
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The next theory is basically directed to achieve the personal needs of individuals. It is confirmed by Tarigan (1989: 232) that a person as an individual needs to have an understanding and assistance from others to go through the process of achieving not only their personal values but also their personal goals.
Another assumption that has became the basis of this method is, Curran emphasize that counseling and teaching should be integrated together (Hamied, 1987: 143). According to Curran, counseling with the self-insight and self-awareness of an individual can stimulate this personal growth, satisfaction and better relationship with others, while teaching is exclusively concerning with intellectual learning process. Therefore, counseling and teaching should not be separated.
In principles, Community language learning according to Stevick (1976: 128-131) as quoted by Pateda (1991) has some basic principles. Those principles are;
1. Language is behavior. It means that learners can talk about thing that can make them interested and things that they have been experienced before.
2. Learners learn a new behavior fast if he is not interrupted. Therefore, learners have as many opportunities as possible to practice their language without many interferences from the teacher as the counselor.
3. The counselor should give the assistance to clients in using their language all the
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