The Apocalypse In Pop Culture

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The apocalypse is a very popular theme throughout the modern day film and literature industry. In all of these pop culture renditions, the apocalypse and doomsday go hand-in-hand. The apocalypse today is seen as the end of the world, natural disasters, mass illnesses or climate change are said to destroy the world and humankind along with it. However, the term “apocalypse” has been around long before the movies and books. Originally, the apocalypse did not always mean the end of the world. The word “apocalypse” comes from the Greek word “apokalypsis”, which also means “revelation” or to uncover a hidden truth (Dayton 7, 2). Therefore, the original concept of the apocalypse is a disclosure of knowledge, revelation or a lesson to be taught. In…show more content…
Each cycle of life lasts 4,320,000 years, every so often through those 4,320,000 years, giant floods destroy every living thing, except those who are saved to repopulate the earth and the cycle continues. After those many years the earth begins to lose all resources, followed by the universe being eradicated. Soon after the storm god, Rudra takes form to create all the things necessary to restart the cycle and create a new world (Bierlein 237 - 238). Although this myth still envisions the end of the world, there is more to it than that. This myth still holds important information that reveals a deeper meaning about the world, creation and destruction. As stated previously, this myth is all about a cycle the entire universe goes through, which can be related to the concept of the circle of life and balance in the world. The myth shows readers that everything has a beginning, middle and end. The myth states; “Then Brahma sends a wind that drinks up much of the water, establishing clouds in heaven. The world is now a watery chaos, the primordial state from which a new world can be created” (Bierlein 238). This quote shows that when the earth has been destroyed, the cycle starts over again, a new world is created from the destruction of the previous, which can teach readers that when something ends, room is made from something new to begin. Therefore, the myth of “How Rudra destroys the universe” is a good example of how apocalypse myths can teach lessons and give knowledge to readers aside from only focusing on the end of the world and total
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