The Apollo 1 : The Disaster Of Apollo 1

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Apollo 1 was a big disaster for NASA, and tragic for their mission of going to space. Many things could have been prevented from the accident ever occurring, and no one would have died. The disaster of Apollo 1 was the first accident for NASA, because of them not looking at each equipment Apollo 1 was NASA first attempt at going to space. Three astronauts were set to take place. Apollo 1 was set to take off in December 1966, but that never happened(history nasa gov). 15 minutes before the spaceship would lift off, the spaceship switched to internal power. The Americans started the Apollo project, there were three in the spaceship breathing oxygen. Ground Control realized that all their heart rates were going up. The spaceship pointed to a short in the technology, and later Roger Chaffee yelled “It was a fire.” Their spaceship had no cameras, but a camera was watching the spaceships porthole. The operator saw the fire coming from the porthole, and he also saw Edwards hand trying to open the hatch. The Men started to freak out about the fire, and started to grad the hatch quickly but the hatch was strong. The hatch was not going to be easy to open, and would not have helped them escaped. After the accident security was sent to the Complex 34(When Technology Fails). They were sent to check the power switches, and to take pictures of what happened. The reports said that even if they got the hatch open they still would not have escaped the fire. Not long after the report of the fire, a call was made to the fire office. From log records, it gave the idea that the fire contraption, and staff were sent. The specialist observing the test from the brick house close to the cushion had just continued to the base of the umbilical pinnacle. The hatch was almost impossible to undo due to it not being screwed on right(history nasa gov). Help was close to being there, but the explosion made them not able to get there in time. They recorded that the accident could have been avoided, and Nasa suspended the next project. Since the fire of Apollo 1 many changes were made to the next Apollo like, Stainless steel, and Making it harder for the spaceship to catch on fire again. While they were waiting for pictures, and a full

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