The Apollo 11 Mission Of The United States

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The moon landing mission marked a new technological era for the United States. This amazing feat ushered in an age of pride and intelligence for the American people that swept across the nation. This fateful success gave birth to America’s interest in space and buried itself into our very culture and our long and adventurous history. The Apollo 11’s successful mission has also greatly affected current technologies today. In order to further understand the mission’s impact, research on the Apollo 11 mission’s preparation, the mission itself, and the technologies it impacted, is needed.
The Apollo 11 mission was a very influential success for the U.S. This program marked itself in U.S. history and sparked a new American exploration in
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The backup crew of Apollo 8, who eventually turned into the crew of Apollo 11, had very little access to the spaceship simulators during the beginning of their training. Only after the Apollo 10 mission did they ever have the chance to work the training programs and simulators.
An educated and properly trained crew is definitely the foundation of the successful Apollo 11 mission, however, the crew needs proper equipment, or technology, in order to train. The pilots of the Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin, were not able to access the main practice ship used for simulating the moon landing until the Apollo 10 crew left. After the Apollo 10 crew left, the pilots went straight to work in the practice pod. Their schedule was so busy, they had to cancel a dinner at the White House because the dinner would delay them a month behind schedule. The crew of the historic space flight simulated the moon landing in a lunar module suspended by wires so the gravity would be equal to that of the moon. This was by far the most important focus of their training. However, the practice ship was actually inferior to the real one. The practice module would not thrust in three different directions as the real ship would; this meant the dummy pod was insufficient. Unfortunately, this pod was the only piece of technology that would somewhat
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