The Apology And Phaedo By Socrates

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In the Apology and Phaedo, as Socrates prepares to die his friends are concerned about him and why he does not fear death, but rather looks forward to this. Plato through Socrates makes this statement of his beliefs of death and what lies beyond this final barrier of consciousness. Plato believes that we live on through our souls and into another body. Socrates faces death with excitement because in his eyes to die is to practice perfect philosophy. This comes from his Argument of Opposites and the Theory of Forms. As we discussed previously Theory of Forms, states that everything in the world fits into two categories, the abstract universals, things such as beauty itself, equality itself, and piety itself and the second category is concrete particulars, things that exist in space and time, such as sunsets, music, and people. However Socrates derives his confidence from a combination of the argument of opposites and the theory of forms. This Argument from the Theory of Forms for the immortality of the soul: If we assume the theory of forms is true, and there is a form of Life itself, then souls are the sources of life because they participate in the form of life, then souls cannot participate in the opposing form of life, death, at the same time, if the principle of non-contradiction is true. Now since death is the opposite of life, souls can’t participate in it, therefore souls are immortal. Socrates makes these claims to comfort his friends and followers who are concerned
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