The Apology Of Plato Apology

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At the beginning of The Apology, Socrates is directly speaking to the jury in Athens. In the beginning of the apology Socrates speaks of accusations that have been made against him throughout his life. There seems to be two different kinds of accusations. The first being biases accusations that have been made on throughout his past and the other being recent accusations. Socrates explains he was accused of being, “ a wise man, a student of all things in the sky and below the earth, who makes the worse argument the stronger.” He is also accused of persuading the individuals from the time he was a young child. He sincerely believes he should not be at the trail, and that all these accusations are merely false. Socrates is also accused of being a Sophist similar to Prodicus of Ceos and Hippias of Elis. Due to rumors and prejudices, it seems that the jury has already decided the fate of Socrates, which is ultimately death. As I read through the first part of his speech, I felt a sense of hopelessness as if a room was filling with water with no way out. It is never enjoyable to be accused of something that I may not have done, especially if the consequence is death. Furthermore, Socrates is also accused of corrupting the youth, and not believing in the Athenian Gods. Basically, accused of being an atheist. At this point there is dialogue between Socrates and a man named Meletus. In the past Meletus has been known to be irresponsible along with bringing unsuitable cases to

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