The Apology Plato Essay

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Melinda Leager
PHIL 201-03/04/08
Instructor: Dr. Dennis L. Burke
September 7, 2012
Response Paper
“The Apology” by Plato
In this reading Plato tells the story of Socrates and his trial which ultimately lead to his death sentence. Socrates was a 70 year old man at peace with his own mortality yet willing to face his accusers with an almost definite possibility of death to maintain his own integrity and beliefs and morality. He fully understood from the beginning of his trial what the sentence handed down would be yet on a level of honor and courage not seen in abundance in modern society he maintained his stance and delivered a compelling and convincing argument. He openly stated that he knew his actions had offended Meletus and
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He knew his fate from the beginning yet still stood his ground and made a very convincing argument.
In today’s society there are individuals that depend on followers to conform to their beliefs and what they feel is right or wrong. We are currently a nation at war and have been for many years for different reasons. As a result of this, there is obviously diversity when it comes to civilian, political and military beliefs. We have soldiers that are willing to fight and die for the country they believe in to show true faith and allegiance to their nation and its President, politicians that fight for their bills and laws to be passed, and citizens who choose every day to either support the war or question our involvement in it. People fight for animal rights, gay and lesbian marriage rights and so much more. All this said, Socrates stood up for what he believed in, in “The Apology” and in an essence to this day it can be compared to modern day society and individuals or groups standing up for what they believe in.
In conclusion, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, beliefs and moral values. Though there are rules and laws set forth by our government to maintain a sense of order and acceptable behavior. We as humans are compelled to defend our beliefs and accept the consequences set forth by our beliefs. I am a true
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