The Apostle John Wrote The Book Of Revelation While He

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The Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation while he was exiled in Patmos. While he was there, God gave him a great vision. In that vision, he saw his friend and Lord, Jesus. He was also shown the future events leading up to the Second Advent of Jesus and the end of days. In chapters two and three John is given seven letters to seven churches. These were literal churches. These letters proved to be more than mere correspondence. They were letters from Jesus, the Head of the Church, to the pastors of the churches. Jesus wrote to address specific concerns. He warned of future consequences if sin was not dealt with swiftly. He also pictured the future of Christianity. The letters to the seven churches in Revelation prove to be a glimpse…show more content…
Jesus tells them to remember their love. He tells them to repent and do the things they did at the beginning of their faith. Their punishment would be removal of their “lampstand”. They would be removed and their testimony would be lost.
This letter is also a picture of the earliest of the Church Age. Combs places this period of history as the age of the Apostles, around 70-100 A.D. . The fire of the apostles was already beginning to wane. The church was focusing on structure of belief. Combs writes, “Being ‘fundamental’ is not enough. A fervent first love for Christ must be maintained.” The first age of Christianity was marked by believers who began to leave their first love. Their focus changed. They moved from fervency to fundamentalism. They shifted from devotion to doctrine. While having a healthy focus on the
COCHRAN - 3 fundamentals of faith and doctrine is healthy in Christianity, it should not be at the expense of relationship, love, and devotion to the Lord Jesus.
Jesus concludes this letter reminding the church of the consequences. If they do not turn form their sins in repentance they will lose their lampstand, their place in the world as a lamp pointing to the Light of the world. If they do not remember their first love and do the things they did when they first believed, then they will reap the punishment of Jesus. However, if they do repent, remember, and do the things from their first days of salvation, then they will overcome. They eat
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