Annotation Of John's Relationship

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The apostle who personified the word love. Who other than John can be ascribed to this title? He alone was reserved the designation as the bosom-friend of Jesus, in many ways had become the best reflection so far as any human being can reflect the ideal of divine-human purity and holiness. John 's brilliance resides in his ability to penetrate foundational towers that undergird the events of Jesus ' life. Unlike Peter and Paul, he wasn 't a missionary or a man of action. “He did little, so far as we know, for the outward spread of Christianity, but all the more for the inner life and growth of Christianity where it was already established.”1There was nothing to be said about the government, the forms, and the rites of the visible church,…show more content…
“In regards to Salome, she was a disciple of Jesus, and her following Him suggests that after the boys left home, Zebedee died and that the business was sold, allowing Salome to be one of the women who ministered to Jesus of her substance (in other words John came and was immersed in a spiritual home).”3 Another postulation that can be held of John as a boy was that he never really knew what poverty was like till he shared in it with Jesus. Before he came to the decision to follow Christ he was being prepared, in the eyes of Jewish scholars he was like Peter and the other Galilean disciples, an "unlearned and ignorant man." “But he passed through the preparatory school of John the Baptist who summed up his prophetic mission in the testimony to Jesus as the "Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world," a testimony which he afterward expanded in his own writings.”4 Between the writings of the synoptic and the Johannean picture of John, there is an apparent contradiction found; but on closer inspection, it is only the twofold aspect of one and the same character. A parallel example can be seen Peter of the Gospels and the Peter of his Epistles: the first youthful, impulsive, hasty, changeable, the other matured, subdued, mellowed, refined by divine grace. One of growth, early on in the Gospel of Mark the term
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