The Apotheosis Of The Dance At The Allen Chapel

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On Saturday, May 9th, the RIT Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra put on a performance titled the “Apotheosis of the Dance” at the Allen Chapel within the Schmitt Interfaith Center. The performance began with the RIT Chamber Orchestra, featuring mostly stringed instruments, performing works of Mozart, Bach, and Grainger. After a short intermission, the RIT Orchestra entered and performed a piece composed by Beethoven. The majority of the concert was conducted by Michael E. Ruhling, with the exception of a few pieces performed by the Chamber Orchestra that did not require a conductor. The Orchestra consisted of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections, and the Chamber Orchestra only had a string section with a flute soloist. The concert began immediately with the Chamber Orchestra’s performance of Mozart’s “Divertimento in D major”, K. 136. This piece consisted of the 3 movements, Allegro, Andante, and Presto, which follows the fast-slow-fast arrangement typical of the Classical era. Divertimento is one of Mozart’s “Salzburg” symphonies, which are symphonies performed by only string sections. After the performance of this piece, the conductor commented on the 2nd violin’s part, and drew the conclusion that Mozart must have saved that role for either himself or an enemy. The second piece performed by the Chamber Orchestra was Bach’s “Suite No. 2 in B minor”, BWV 1067. This piece did not require a conductor, and also featured a flute soloist, Maisa Peters. Their…

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