The App Generation Research Paper

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Before society became an uproarious, interconnected superhighway, it resounded in silence. Communication was arduous due to the inability to understand different languages. However, many argue that a way to transfer ideas from one end of the world to the other was conceivable; not only was this so but it has also been in existence since the dawn of time: the image. Walt Disney said it best, "Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language," (Disney). While this avenue is effective, it in no way is the most dependable. Although the image is considered the easiest medium of communication, this form is sometimes unreliable and cannot be the sole vessel for the transfer of ideas and…show more content…
A mentality among adolescents that there is "an app for that" runs rampant. Image apps such as: Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular, forming a dependence on the image, and steering the youth away from more informational media platforms. This pandemic is giving way to a moniker that highlights such fault "The App Generation" (Kelley). Additionally, advertisers play a role in this dependence. Advertisements rely on the image to get the word out about a product or to attract interest. Most commonly this sort of publicity is found in magazines and billboards. Such usage is known as image advertising. Image advertising is specifically known as "advertising directed at the creation of a specific image for an entity (such as a company, product, or brand) as distinguished from advertising directed at the specific attributes directed at the specific attributed of the entity. The image may be one of sophistication, reliability, elegance, or luxury," ("Image Advertising"). This avenue is also used for political campaigns in order to promote the ideas that the politician represents. Today, the use of photographs is an amalgamation of all components. Now, the veil of truth that images possess has been lifted, revealing the myths formulated to enshroud true memories of situations…show more content…
Several different aspects of modern life have been mythicized due to the over saturation of images. One of these is the dangers of the world. While violence is prominent, news sources focus on violent happenings in order to raise profits and ratings, thus newspapers are not opposed to publishing such images. The second exaggeration is that happiness is synonymous with wealth. Advertisements that depict the "good life" also depict BMWs, boats, gargantuan houses, and vacations. Also, it is claimed that ultimate happiness is available at the swipe of a credit card. These images make it seem like something is missing from an individual's life. Often those that are in photographs similar to these give off a feeling of felicity, even some products reflect the supposed happiness that one is supposed to feel such as; Joy dishwashing detergent and Happiness perfume. Additionally, all businesses are depicted to be concerned about the public's welfare. Few news stories since the Progressive Era have depicted companies in a negative lights. Ads created by tobacco companies to discourage underage smoking, and full spreads of car companies and their gas efficient vehicles are common to see in newspapers. Finally, society is deceived into believing in unrealistic body types. Ads appear to have a surplus of "perfect" models in their image advertisements. What does not appear to be
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