The Appeal Of Fantasy Genre

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The appeal to fantasy is very diverse. One of the primary reasons is that “readers…want something that gives [ ] a sense of wonder, a glimpse at the impossible made real, sights [ ] never otherwise see[n],” Cox says. J.K. Rowling effectively displays this with the typical fantasy setting aspects as well as the incorporation of mythical creatures and magic.
The fantasy genre has general guidelines when it comes to creating a story for it to be qualified as fantasy. In the fantasy genre, the stories created often have their own world, sometimes parallel to our own. Often seen in the fantasy genre as well is the incorporation of medieval components to the story. Fantasy worlds are sometimes connected to Earth or the non-fictional world through portals. J.K. Rowling begins her story in the muggle world and the reader is then later introduced to the wizarding world. This allows the reader to have a sense of familiarity and increases the appeal of the genre/novel. Her world is connected to the known world through hidden passageways such as platform 9 ¾ and the brick passageway behind the Leaky Cauldron. Although the story of Harry Potter is introduced through the normal world, Rowling connects it to a brand new one using those magical passageways. This is an aspect of the fantasy genre even if the world is not completely separate from this one. In addition, the author’s magical world is complete and self-sustained. Although on the same planet, it is a society in itself with its…
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