The Appeal Of The Court Of Appeal

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OPO v MLA and STL [2014] EWCA Civ 1277 By Klaudia Sabuda The appeal being heard by Lady Justice Arden and others in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) is the appeal against the decision of the Hon Mr Justice Bean in the Queen 's Bench Division of the High Court. Mr. MLA a talented artist who had a very troubled childhood wrote a book (the Work) a semi – autobiography which is based on Mr. MLA 's difficult past. The book includes references to the sexual abuse he was a victim of and the mental illness he suffered as a consequence as well as the thrill he experienced form self-harming at the time. The book, in Mr. MLA 's opinion has an important message of encouragement to individuals who have been or possibly are in a similar situation. He has dedicated the book to his son, OPO. OPO suffers from ADHD, Asperger 's, Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia, all those disabilities are believed to have an effect on OPO 's ability to communicate and process information. A child psychologist, believes that ' 'no child should read the graphic description of the way MLA suffered because of the sexual abuse. ' ' (1) She explains that OPO 's reaction to the book could be negative and possibly lead to self-harming. This opinion has been backed up by another psychologist who has seen OPO recently and who has read the Work. OPO is unaware of his father 's difficult past, it is suggested that when he finds out he will be deeply disturbed. The claim is to stop the publication of the book which

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