The Appearance Of A Stranger

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The Appearance of a Stranger in a Small Kansas Town The appearance of a stranger in a settled small Kansas town, while unsettling to some, can be a rewarding experience, as long as there is a mutual desire to communicate. The course readings accurately depicted and reflected the stranger from various perspectives. Consequently, in order for the small town to thrive, there is a necessity for the appearance of strangers. Out of town travelers contribute to the local economy that provides income for local businesses. These types of strangers are transient and seldom worried the town’s folk. In contrast to the transient stranger, small Kansas towns scrutinized any stranger who desired to not be an outsider and take up residency. Beloit, a small Kansas town located in North-Central Kansas, had a population that ranged between four thousand to five thousand town folk. Anytime a stranger or strangers appeared, the talk of the town was all about who they were, where they had come from, do we like them, and which church are they attending church services. Each situation was a little bit different, which made the process that much more interesting. But in the end, each stranger or group of strangers became a pillar of the community that Beloit proudly bragged to relatives in other small Kansas towns. The first example of a stranger that came to Beloit during the author’s developing years, brought his wife and kids with him. Ron Mah and his family were Chinese. They opened a
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