The Appearance Of Human Dignity

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2. The appearance of human dignity in legal discourse The root of the concept of dignity, or commonly human dignity, has a long history. This root began with the long theological and philosophical history that has many-faceted. Nevertheless, its legal history is relatively short. As it has moved through its long history, human dignity has been influenced by different theological traditions. It was also influenced by the views of philosophers who developed human dignity in their moral and political contemplations. In the twentieth century, however, the concept encountered a new phenomenon. It brought into the legal world. Then, it received its momentum in the middle of the twentieth century. From the middle of the twentieth century…show more content…
The same usage is true regarding the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 1789 when Article 6 determines “ all citizens…are equally eligible to all dignities”. Again, the term of dignities in this article pertains to the privilege and honor that were extended to every citizen. A change in the legal status of human dignity as a legal term occurred aſter World War I. Several laws in different countries incorporated the concept of human dignity in their constitutions. The first constitution that related to dignity seems to be the Constitution of Finland 1919. In the same year, the Weimar Constitution (August 1919) determined that the organization of economic life must fit the principles of justice in order to ensure that everyone may lead a life suitable for a human being. More explicit was the Irish Constitution of 1937, which mentioned “the dignity and freedom of the individual” in its preamble. Each of the Constitution of Nicaragua (1939) and Constitution of Cuba (1940) also determined a provision regarding the human dignity of the worker. The atrocities of World War II, the collapse of Nazi Regime and the human rights movement are the primary reasons that led human dignity to be adopted in a wide range of legal texts and provisions. The primary push for this focus on human dignity in the law can be identified in three important legal documents. Each of these three documents in one way or
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